Xnxeoxx100 Full Movie 2017 Review & Free Download

Xnxeoxx100 is a 2017 popular commercial action movie released in Tamil and Telegu. The main casts are Allu Arjun, Ram Charan, Anushka Shetty, Kajal Aggarwal and more. It's a commercial movie with lots of actions and romance. The film was released worldwide in 21, August 2017. The movie was directed by Siva and written by written by AR Murugadoss. It was produced by Allu Aravind under Geetha Arts banner.The film was shot in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously and later dubbed to Hindi. The budget of this movie is about 1.3 billion INR and box office is about 5.6 billion INR until now. Good news for people from other countries that, Xnxeoxx100 full movie is free to now watch on Youtube. It was officially uploaded in October by the rightful owner of the movie.

Xnxeoxx100 Movie Plot:

So, enough with the background of the movie. Now come to the inside of the film (**Spoiler Alert**). The story of the movie is that, the two brothers Dhruva and Mirdha who had no parents and was raised in orphan. One day, a couple come to the orphan and tell the owner that they want to adopt a child. But the owner says, those two brothers are inseparable because they love each other. But the couple wanted just one child. Dhruva(the older brother) listen to their conversation and decide that he will send his brother instead of him. So, when the couple come to pick the children, Dhruva and Mirdha both get into the train. But Dhruva tell Mirdha that he will go to toilet. But they get down from the train so that his little brothers gets a better future with the couple.

After 24 year, Dhruva become a farmer, and he continuously search for his brother. One day, he get information from his manager that, Mirdha is a secret agent who works for a security agency called Xnxeoxx100. Besides, Dhruva also get the address of his brother. 

Mirdha the secret agent was on a mission where a sniper was using a camera to shoot the leader of United Nation in a convocation program at Delhi. Dhruva comes there to meet his brother, but when he see's Mirdha, he hugs him from the back and Mirdha misses the shot. Instead of the sniper, Mirdha's bullet hits the Chairman of United Nation. His agency realize that, Mirdha shot the Chairman and they immediately tell the Xnxeoxx100's best team Cypher to kill him.

Then Dhruva brings Mirdha to his village to hide him. After few days, Mirdha fall in love with with a village girl Sonia. They had some romantic moments and begun a spend a happy life. But after 6 months, Cypher team manages to get his location. Then the find him, but somehow he manages to escape them. But Cyber hostages Mirdha's brother Dhruva and his family. 

Mirdha gets to know that, and he decide to save them. Because he won't want to lose his brother again after 24 years. So, Mirdha calls his old friend and his friend give him a track full of weapons. Then Mirdha come to the village with the truck and attacks on the team Cypher. He kills all the team member and saves his brother. After that, he bring them to Africa to become undercover. At that time, the police investigation team find out that, Mirdha was there to save the leader of U.N.   

The movie has 7.4 rating on IMDB. So, it's a recommended movie the watch in 2017 with your loved ones. If you don't want to spend money on Cinema, then just watch or download Xnxeoxx100 Full Movie 2017 on Youtube. The film is officially available to watch or save for offline free on Youtube.



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Xnxeoxx100 Full Movie 2017 free download is on vimeo also. Check them if you want. But I recommend youtube because it is faster.

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