Noble Edc Velvet Earbuds Review 2018

It's just a beginning finally, Noble is in the mid range game with EDC velvet I beleive they will offer some brilliant stuff in future

Sound - 4/5
First this you will notice bass is boomy and punchy you would always love to hear

1. Sound stage is wide and nothing short of amazing..... this is the maximum I can think for now (beacuse this is the my first IEM in this price range after my momentum in ears and my momentum 2.0 head phones)which will be the high light in edc velvet

2.I'm not a treble lover as my ears are sensitive(E80's I hate that head ache treble as Ben Cherian said lol.....) for the first time I have never felt irritated surprisingly highs are smooth normally I will keep my equalizer default for highs but, for the first time I can play with highs and set to almost maximum

This is not a complain but velvet's are designed such a way as they are intended 

3.Altough mid's take a back step when compared with all other ranges it's just the right amount you need with great detailing as smooth as silk and crystal clear nothing to complain about. you may feel disappointed with some tracks which are vocal oriented but you will never miss any details ( While travelling you will notice  dip in mid's beacuse due to noise isolation which just little above average) However, I'm managing by tweak mids in my equalizer. Listened to all kinds of music EDM's pop rock jazz every thing and some holly wood movie tracks

I always have a habit to test any in ears or head phones mostly with AR RAHMAN sir's songs  because as per my knowledge in India no other composer can meet his mixing and recording standards which is top notch he knows how to use technology to the maximum a single song of him has got lot of layers it's bit tricky and difficult to figure out. I have some particular songs of him to test the sound stage like Azeem o shan from Jodha akbar and  Dil ka rishta from yuvraj sounded amazingly with velvet and please note that they are just 320 kpbs ones and again now coming to mid's while listening to this tracks I can never complain about mid's it just the right amount with superb detail, airy and clarity.

4. Durabilty comfort and usage: 4/5 

I hope and feel like cables are good enough to sustain. I felt it should have come with L shaped jack.

They are just superb for daily commuting very light some times you did'nt even notice they are in your ears with good ear tips. I felt like isolation is little above average

Finally,to end with I took this IEM's for daily usage for my lg v30 there are some better pair of IEM's if I can increase budget upto 5k. As, I'm planning to invest more for a setup with nice DAP,DAC and again some kick ass IEM's and avoid head phones(beacuse I'm having a discomfort in hearing for longer periods of time I own senheiser momentum 2.0)

I'm totally satisfied with this one and I don't know about other expensive IEM's and other high end audiophile gears that I can't afford now may be in future I can..... and as a music composer I emphasize more on understanding and composing music and I just have basic technical knowledge audiophile stuff still exploring...

Thanks to HPZ  for home audition service you also can try this and decide your self.... not every one may like this 

Thanks for reading the post.