Jay's a-JAYS Five vs Beyerdynamic Byron Headphones - Comprehensive Review

After extended use over a week(5 hours of phone calls, 3 hours of music each day), here comes the final result. This is purely based on my judgement and what I felt after using Jays a-JAYS Five and Beyerdynamic Byron headphones for all my daily activities, each IEM on alternate days. Here is my comprehensive review:

Jays a-JAYS-vs-Beyerdynamic Byron Review

Jay's a-JAYS Five vs. Beyerdynamic Byron.

I'm breaking it down into several parameters.

1. Packaging

Jays wins this round hands down. Right from the moment I opened the Amazon cardboard box, it had me overawed with the design of the box to the materials used to the overall feeling of unboxing a new gadget.
Compared to this, the box of Byron felt rather 'cheap'. Doesn't at all do justice to the reputation of the Germans when it comes to build quality and finesse.

Jay's - 9, Byron - 6

2. Box Contents

Jay's again leaps forward a couple of notches in this segment. It comes with a carrying case with hardened plastic. Although it felt heavy(although sturdy) and not so travel-friendly as compared to the soft velvety pouch provided with the Byron, the former will definitely last longer. Jay's comes with 4 pairs of Eartips of varying sizes in addition to the one already attached to the earphone. Compared to that, the Byron came with 2 just extra pairs. The Byron ones came in a small plastic pouch, whereas the Jay's ones were embedded in a foam housing. Even the clip of Jay's comes embedded within a case of same material as the eartips, whereas clip was attached to the wire itself in the Byron.

Jay's - 9, Byron - 7 (that carrying pouch somewhat saved some grace for the Byron)

3. Build Quality - Wire, 3-button remote

The moment you hold the Jay's, it screams quality and precision, having the stamp of Scandinavian minimalistic design all over it. The flat cable, the minimalism in the overall construction, the minute details were just exemplary. The 3 remote button although made of plastic, is really well built, with tactile buttons, that travel of all the three buttons gives a reassuring feel, and using them for all sorts of calling and music-navigation functions is really comfortable. 
Compared to these, the construction of Byron seems rather flimsy and 'cheap' and doesn't give that reassuring feeling for rugged usage. The remote although being metal, the buttons are stiff and hard to reach out to.

Jay's - 9, Byron - 7

4. Comfort of Use

This is one section where Byron trumps over its competitor. The overall light weight, softness of the wire and the construction of the earbud housing makes it really comfortable to use for extended usage. Jay's wire being on the stiffer side, and shape of the earbud housing somewhat gives you the feeling that it'd fall out of your ears, and it does, if you use any of the in-box earbuds. I was saved of this hassle by using the Medium sized tips of my XB70AP.

Byron - 9, Jay's - 7

5. Mic Quality - Loudness & Clarity

Although Beyerdynamic as a company, has made a name for itself for developing Microphones and Audio devices over years, the one found on this IEM disappointed me big time when compared to the Jay's. Jay's trumps over the Byron in terms of Clarity, Loudness, Noise reduction.

Jay's - 9, Byron - 7

6. Sound Quality - Clarity, Loudness, Highs, Mids, Lows

The most important segment is saved for the last.
Oh Byron, take a bow; you've done a fantastic job here.
Clarity: Soundstage is wider in the Byron as compared to the Jay's. I could clearly make out all the instruments played in Californication by RHCP.
Byron - 9, Jay's - 8
Loundenss: Jay's - 9, Byron - 8
Bass: Byron offers the exact amount of Bass that you'd expect, it just hits the sweet spot. 
As for the Jays, its more bassy, so much so that it tends to be overbearing at times.
Byron - 9, Jay's - 7
Vocals: Byron again trumps over the Jay's in this segment with crisp and clear vocals, whereas in the case of Jay's, the Bass masks the vocals at times and sounds a bit too muddy to my liking.
Byron - 9, Jay's - 8
Treble: Winning streak of Byron in the sound section continues here as well. It offers the right amount of treble, whereas for Jay's, its a bit subdued.
Byron - 9, Jay's - 8

Overall Score:

Byron - 44/50, Jay's - 40/50
Everything else:
Jays : 43/50, Byron: 32/50
Final Tally:
Jay's: 83/100 , Byron: 76/100

Byron is ahead of the Jay's in terms of Sound quality & comfort of use, however lags in terms of overall build and Mic Quality.

My two cents:
If you are planning to use something for indoors without much rough usage, go for the Byron for its superior sound quality, although the Jay's is no slouch in this category but falls behind the Byron nonetheless; however, if you want an overall package, Jay's is the one to go for.

Also I would say the A-jays 5 are almost unusable with stock silicone tips. I used T20i silicon tip myself for holding them in ear. Big design flaw for a company makes / prides itself in doing research for making iems and the Byron sounds like DX 102.

P.S: Byron remote works with my iPad(didn't mention iPhone for obvious reasons), whereas the Jay's doesn't. Both work flawlessly in Android though. I'm gonna stick to the Jay's and gift the Byron to my GF.

Author:  Santanu Mondal