Fiio F3 Review - Sound Quality and Price in BD, India

Initial Impression of Fiio F3:

I think all of you know the term Fun sound. Whenever we hear this term, 1st thing that comes to our mind is Boomy bass, sparky treble and recessed mid.

Fiio F3 Box

And "Fun Sound" is the perfect example of Fiio's new F3, the elder brother of F1 which is mainly a dry mid centric iem with recessed high and low frequency(according to online reviews). So, after F1 Fiio decided to make something more consumer friendly.

1st of all this is not a complete review since its not even 24 hours I unboxed it. Yesterday I saw the offerings from #Gearforears regarding few fiio products with official warranty with very competitive price. So, I grab an F3 which cost me BDT. 1960 with home delivery charge.

It came with three sized earbuds (small, medium and big), a nice carrying case with carbon fiber like texture, one pair of soft rubber earhook and as a nice welcome addition they also provided three different colored shell( black, red and blue).

Fiio F3 Review

1st thing that came to my attention is the soft rubber cable tie which is neat for the cable management and storage. The quality of cable is surprisingly good and doesn't seem to tangle easily. The quality of earbuds are also better than the most earbuds that comes with most cheap iems. Overall I'm very impressed with Fiio's quality management of their products regardless of their price.

Ok, enough chit-chat, lets get to the most important part, that is the Sound!!

Fiio F3 Review

As I've already mentioned at the beginning of my post, u guys already have an idea about its sound signature.

1st of all it sounds BIG, yes I mean it! This little baby can be very loud as Fiio used a big 11mm driver with 40ohms impedence/ 98db sound pressure. With my OnePlus 3T I can comfortably use them three steps down from the full volume. 

Bass/ low frequency:

Simply put, the bass is beautiful on these babies out of the box. Sub-bass is fuller which fully extends to mid bass region. The attack is fast and also extends pretty deep. A good choice for bassheads.

Mid Range:

Mid range on these pushed waaay back...:(, vocal sounds like the singer is performing at the behind  of the instruments, vocal sounds distant and thin due to recessed lower mid range and sometimes male and female vocal gets thin and sharp due to slight emphasis on upper mid range. instruments such as piano, guitar, violin presentation somewhat ok but vocal tends to get sibilant specially if the volume level is higher. Not my cup of tea.

Treble/ high frequency:

Bright, sparky and tend to mix with upper mid range which renders the voice and few instruments sibilant in higer volume. cymbals sound great with these. A bit of eqing with controlled volume u'll be ok.

Imaging, Separation, Sound stage:

Interestingly the sound stage on these pretty wide and also imaging and separation seems to me above average which makes this iem with generous bass and controlled (equalizer?) Treble pretty fun to listen.

This is only the feedback from an hour of listening. I'm gonna burn these baby and if the upper mid and the treble settles down, this is definitely gonna be a keeper. I refrained myself from complaining due to the surprisingly good build quality, accessories only for in Bangladesh is about BDT.1900.00 and 1300 Rs. in India.