Beyerdynamic Byron Review & Price: Best Budget Earbuds?

Bought Beyerdynamic Byron on impulse in Amazon sale for Rs 1900(Price in India). Quick listening to some favourite tracks and the first impressions are:

beyerdynamic byron

1. Good enough sound for the money. Not the tinny sound, but muscular stereo sound in your ears.  

2. Good clarity and separation between instruments and balanced powerful bass.

3. Sufficient detail - don't seem to miss much. But haven't done a A-B comparison. 

4. Based on early indication, the signature is sweetish. The mids sound very natural and vocals are forward (a bit more than I'd like). Trebles are non jarring. I expect them to start floating once the drivers open up. Bass has good transient, but drums don't sound what they should. A bit low on the deepest frequencies than I'd like. But satisfying at the price asked. 

5. Sound staging is perhaps a weak point. You get most sounds at the ears or at 90 degrees. Not enough spatial distribution. But you'd notice only if coming from a high end headphone/earphone. 

6. Construction is just ok. Cable is very basic. Don't expect to last more than a couple of years with careful handling. 

So how's it overall? I'd say a great deal for the price. Especially for those looking for neutral sound at a budget.

Beyerdynamic CEO says
Klaus from beyerdynamic. Thanks for your insight. Please note, that we invested a lot of effort into a super-robust cable. It's a professional headphone so the cable better survive rough studio use. Don't mistake the simple looks with potentially poor quality!

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