1More Quad Driver Review, Comparison with Uiisii T8 & Price in BD, India

1More Quad Driver Impressions: Immersive sound! 

Price in Bangladesh: 14000 BDT
Price in India: 12000 Rs.

Here are my impressions of the 1more quad after ~8 hours of burn in. Used Fiio e10k as source. I will be comparing it against the budget king Uiisii BA-T8 (1.8k bdt). 

Lows: Sounds neutral. Bass is fast, decays quick but lacks body or texture. Sub bass goes pretty deep. It would have been perfect if it had slightly more body. There is no roll off here. On the other hand, T8 bass has a lot more body, perhaps more than the required amount, it's slower, slightly colored and to be honest, I prefer this type of bass. Quad has the audiophile bass while T8 bass is more fun. 

Quad: 7/10 . T8: 8/10

Mids: Very detailed. Resolution is great but voices take the back seat. It's a bit recessed. Meanwhile, T8 mids aren't recessed, sounds slightly smoother and natural but lack the resolution of the quads. I prefer non recessed mids over recessed yet more detailed mids. 

Quad: 8/10 . T8: 7.5/10

Highs: Extends pretty well and all the micro details are audible. But, there is one caveat. It can occasionally sound peaky with low quality or badly mastered tracks. No peaks with high quality recordings though. T8 highs are recessed but fairly detailed. Micro details are less pronounced but it's still there. So it works well with both low and high quality tracks.

Quad: 9/10 . T8: 6.5/10

Soundstage, Imaging and Separation: Boiii ss depth and separation is where the quad really shine. SS is extremely deep and instrument separation is just superbly clean. But..... ss width is a let down. It's just average and you have turn up the sound to make it sound decent. On the other hand, T8 ss is wayyy wider and comparable to that of an open back headphone. While the depth and separation is very good, the quads take it to another level. Now it's hard to pick a winner for me in this category since I prefer ss width over depth and separation. While both sound engaging, T8 instantly immerses you with it's wide ss. High quality recordings are more immersive on the quad. 

Quad: 8.5/10 . T8: 8/10

Overall, I think 1more quad is a solid iem with great build quality and engaging sound. I just wish the bass had more body, voices were a bit more forward and ss was wider. It's hard to recommend this at 14k when something like the T8 exists at a much lower price point. I wouldn't pay more than 9k for the quad, let alone the starting price of $199 :) 

Value for money: 7/10 ( This would have been a 9 if the the T8 never existed. T8 gets a 10/10 )